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Happy 7th Anniversary Queens
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svnnynight: kekeke tbt to my debut.
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 You're favourite Smiling Angel has arrived...again~!

   Hello Everyone~! I’m defiantly not new around here, but I thought it would be a good time to get back out there and meet new people~! So If you wanna be friends or say hello, that would be nice~!

                               Thank You~ and Keep Smiling~!

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         hi, i’m youngjae aka the awkwardest person you’ll ever meet!

so um, i’m not new or anything — but i have hardly any friends and i’m tired of being quiet all the time. it’s been a while since i’ve made one of these things and i don’t really feel like going on and on (funny, right, cause i just said i didn’t wanna be quiet anymore—) to try and persuade you into being my friend. i’ll leave it short and sweet, nice and simple; reblog/follow and boom, you’ve got a new buddy! so, thank you thank you thank you for helping me out and being a friend. (if you do anything, anyways. shame on you for not helping.) (just kidding. don’t feel bad.)

                                                                                   oh, one last thing —

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SNSD Jessica for Soup 960x1440

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